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Need to cut more grass with same crew?

We have a solution for that!


MowBotix is a robotic automation system that allows ZTR mowing equipment to be ran in an autonomous fashion. This enables commercial lawn care operators to increase their work capacity without expanding their current labor force.

For internal maintenance crews this allows them to work on more pressing matters while a single person can operate 1-15 mowers simultaneously.


Perfect Stripes

Cut in any direction, all day any day, creating stripes straighter than a human operator.


Using commercial GNSS and localization methods, MowBotix cuts straighter than a human operator.

Any Lawn

MowBotix navigation and planning can handle any lawn shape and obstacles to mow around.


Safety is always front and center using a combination of sensors and navigation methods.


Labor is expensive, but with MowBotix’s monthly price lower than conventional labor, start saving month after month.

Any Mower

MowBotix works with any commercial grade ZTR mower. Don’t see a supported make or model, ask us!